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Arab Game Awards 2022 Stats

In a month, the ceremony achieved the following stats, making it one of the biggest gaming events in the region.







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What is Arab Games Awards?
Arab Game Awards (AGA) is the biggest ceremony to celebrate video games in the Middle East and North Africa. The ceremony is dedicated to the Arab community, to represent and celebrate the local gaming culture on a global scale.

Arab Game Awards also provides the platform for brands to showcase their upcoming games and engage with the community directly, and a platform for players to celebrate the best games of the year in MENA, selected carefully by the region’s top critics.
What Makes Arab Game Awards Unique?
Arab Game Awards is made for the community, by the community. Over 20 trusted and famous gaming media, creators, and developers in MENA are among the jury responsible for the nominations. Gaming and entertainment creators around the region also join the ceremony as presenters to celebrate the best games of the year.

AGA also connects developers with the Arab community. In 2021, many industry legends such as Hideo Kojima, Josef Fares, Dinga Bakaba, and more joined to accept the awards and engage with their fans.

How Do You Select The Winners?
Arab Game Awards hand picked over 20 jury that is made of MENA's most relaible and popoular gaming media and creators to nomniate the games. We send nominees ballot to the juries, once we get it back, we create a final list based on their votes, and then we distrubte the winners ballot to the juries who vote for one game per category. The organizers of the event do not vote on any category. Eveything is in the hand of the jury panle, beside the Fans categories, which are open to the public.

Who Organizes Arab Game Awards?
Arab Game Awards is brought to life by two Arab gamers who are in the roots of gaming in the MENA region.

Abdullah Albashan -- Producer:
Abdullah’s passion and understanding of gaming made him the leading game critic in MENA since starting in 2016. His love for gaming and the local community made him dive more in the industry to increase the support for the region and produce high quality content, which attracted over 400K players.

Ragid Hallak -- Head of Comms and Organizing:
Ragid has been deeply involved with the games industry for over 7 years, starting as a journalist working with top media in the region, and later on working on his own indie game, to move to PR and Comms and handle the biggest gaming brands in MENA such as Blizzard Entertainment, HyperX, AMD, Krafton, and more. Ragid aims and works towards making MENA one of the leading markets in the industry and supporting the community.
When and where will the event take place?
Arab Game Awards will be streamed live on Abdullah Reviews’ channel on YouTube in January 2023. A specific date will be announced later.

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